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November 29th, 2011



Ever have those times when it seems most obvious that all people are connected by some cosmic thread?  I've had many experiences like that lately.  If I am writing or thinking about something... it pops up in my world.  It's the darnest thing.  Last night I became concerned for another person who seemed to be especially in tune to my thoughts/contemplations.  It's difficult for me to comprehend what is at work when these things happen...  I wonder if it is uncommon -- or perhaps it's merely something people don't talk about. 

The world is a mystery. 

I learn this morning my worries were needless.  I am grateful. 

Often we fear what we don't understand...  This is one area I cannot understand.  I don't fear it entirely...  but there are times when I do worry.  I sometimes imagine that thoughts and prayers are collected in some area of space...  They can be heard by some people.  Very similar to how I become aware of people I pray for...  I think?  I honestly don't understand -- I just try to.  I seldom venture into this line of thought... because it can't be explained... and appears quite crazy.  Yet, I can't entirely ignore it.  I try to explain it away... and dub it coincidence...  But I can't buy into that belief.  There is something more here.

Sometimes the craziest of things happen...  One time I was working on my foundation wall... Money was tight and heating season was just around the corner...  I was determined to seal up the wall.  I have a very old home with stone foundation...  Most people wouldn't help me with information as to what materials and supplies I would need to complete the repair.  Most people told me to contact a professional.  I didn't have the money for that.  I kept asking...  Eventually I found just the right person.  He was a contractor shopping at a local Home Depot.  He answered all my questions.  I purchased soooo many bags of concrete...  Oh my goodness.  I made many more trips to Home Depot -- just more and more concrete.  I don;t recall now just how many bags of concrete I mixed -- it was over 50...  And I was even approached by a contractor who thought I had my own business!  -- He wanted me to do some work for him...  THAT is how often I was in the store.  There came a time when I was exhausted....  I had saved the hardest section of wall for last...  Thought I should develop some skill as I worked...  This area gave me great troubles...  I would attempt to apply the concrete to the wall... and it would drop to the ground!  I had taken vacation from work to complete this task... I had to extend the vacation and was expected to return within the next day or two task complete or not.   Exhausted both mentally and physically... I prayed...  I did...  I needed some sort of help.  The next thing I know, there is someone visiting.  Ohhhh-- I was not in any shape for visitors... I was a mess!  I discover this visitor is a salesperson.  And I think to myself... ohhhhh boy -- is this a joke on me??  I ask for help and I get offered the opportunity to buy food?  I did buy from him...  He had a case of food left on his truck that needed to be sold before he could return home.  I could at least help his day along... I hadn't been shopping outside Home depot... food was a new idea.  This man unloaded the food from his truck into my freezer...  That was part of the deal -- I was tired and had a lot left to accomplish before my day was to end.  To my amazement.... once the transaction was complete... this man offerred his help.  No joke.  He said he had an hour to spare before returning home...  Wanted to know if I could use a hand with my project.  --- Now that just doesn't happen.  But it did. 

The world is full of mystery.

I dislike the uncertainty and worry I felt...  I've decided to make a few changes to posts here.  Step back for a while until I feel more comfortable again.

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